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Affiliates: The Euangelion Singers

Kenneth Listhrop, Founder & Music Director

Affiliates: Althea Beharry

Althea Beharry - TTYP

Alethea is the daughter of proud parents, Dr. Selwyn Claudius Beharry and Cheryl Ruth Kalicharan – Beharry.  From the moment she was born on August 25th, 1993, she was destined for great things; Alethea Gabrielle Ruth Beharry began singing before she could even speak.

While living in the United States, her father bought her a little keyboard to keep her occupied at home and it is her favourite instrument to this day. At the tender age of three, her mother joined her in the West End Presbyterian Junior Choir, in Manhattan, New York. At 4 years old, her family moved to Australia where, upon seeing her musical talents, her mother decided to enroll her with a private tutor. She was a very fast learner and adapted quite well. Her teacher observed this and decided, with both parents’ consent to enter Alethea in the Yamaha Keyboard Music Festival. She was the youngest contestant in the Novice Category and placed third. At the age of five, her family returned to her homeland, Trinidad. While in school, she entered many music competitions and was prodigiously successful. At the age of seven, she entered the Sanfest Music Festival where she placed first in the singing category.

While she was in lower six at the St Augustine Girls’ High School (SAGHS), she was introduced to the St Augustine Chamber Orchestra, which is the governing body of the Trinidad and Tobago Youth Philharmonic (SACO/TTYP). By chance, she was asked to sing for some of the members by her friend and former classmate, also a member. The Musical Director, Mr. Kenneth Listhrop, noted that when she began to sing the once noisy room became silent. Not the drop of a pin could be heard as her crystal clear voice filled the area. Since then she became a frequent affiliate, making several appearances with TTYP. She has also been incredibly successful in her musical examinations. Under the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), she holds a distinction each for Grade 5 Music Theory, Grade 5 Singing Practical and Grade 8 Practical Singing.

She is a recent graduate of St. Augustine Girls' High School and currently pursuing her Diploma in Musical Performance in Singing from the ABRSM under the mentorship of Dr. Charles Brunner. Her future is certain to be even brighter than her distinguished past.


Alethea Gabrielle Ruth Beharry.

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