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The St. Augustine Chamber Orchestra (SACO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to music education and performance excellence among the youth of Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Kenneth Listhrop, music educator and conductor, founded the organization in 1999. From its humble beginnings with just one student Ms. Celeste Jules the organization has grown into a group of approximately two hundred students consisting of three major divisions, a children’s orchestra junior and intermediate and an advanced youth orchestra.​

SACO is dedicated to promoting and encouraging public knowledge and appreciation of orchestral music interwoven into the art and culture of Trinidad and Tobago both at home and in the wider Caribbean. To this end, the August workshop 2006 culminated in a classical concert in which SACO presented the premiere performance of the Trinidad and Tobago Youth Philharmonic, also known as TTYP, at the Sports and Physical Education Centre, University of the West Indies, St Augustine.

While SACO's initial focus was on the development of excellence in the playing of string instruments (violin, viola, cello and double bass) the organization's community programme embracing many students from various schools across the country including Bishop Anstey High School East/Trinity College East, Trincity and St. George's College, Barataria, has been able to diversify towards the inclusion of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments with the objective of the formation of a full symphonic orchestra and ultimately an adult orchestra. With this objective in mind the Trinidad & Tobago Youth Philharmonic (TTYP) was formed in 2006. Our ultimate dream is the establishment of a music school with the provision of scholarships to assist our youth wishing to pursue a career in music. 

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